The Game Cave - Beta Tester Survey

Please answer this survey as completely and honestly as possible, and submit the completed survey before November 20, 2015. Your answers will be kept private and confidential and used only for the purposes of improving the Game Cave website.

Please note that the Game Cave website is a work in progress and some aspects may appear to be unfinished.

Questions marked with an * are required. Some questions consist of more than one part; please read each question carefully.

Estimated completion time: 10 minutes



Please complete at least Tasks 1 and 2 below.

* Question 1: Task 1 - List the name of any game for the Wii U console

* Question 2: Did you find it difficult to locate the product?

* Question 3: How did you find the product listing?

* Question 4a: Could the product page have been made easier to locate?

Question 4b: If you answered Yes to Question 4a, how could the product page have been made easier to locate?

* Question 5: Task 2 - List the store's trading hours for Saturdays.

* Question 6: Was this information difficult to find?

* Question 7: How did you find this information?

Task 3 (optional) – Send an enquiry about a product to the Game Cave through the email contact form

*NOTE: This email shall be sent to a temporary address at Aether Industries and will not be read by The Game Cave or receive a response. Any personal information contained in the email shall be used only for the purposes of testing the Game Cave website and all emails shall be deleted after testing is completed.

If you do not wish to submit your email address for this task, please use in the contact form's email fields.

* Question 8a: Did you send an enquiry to The Game Cave?

* Question 8b: If you answered Yes to Question 8a, how did you get to the contact form?

* Question 8c: If you answered Yes to Question 8a, please list the name of the product you enquired about.


* Question 9: Are you:

* Question 10: What is your age?

* Question 11a: Do you have an impairment that requires the use of assistive technology (e.g. a screen-reader) to use a computer?

Question 11b: If you answered Yes to Question 11a, did you find that there was sufficient attention to making the website accessible to users with your impairment?

* Question 12a: Have you been diagnosed with any form of colour-blindness?

Question 12b: If you answered Yes to Question 12a, did you have problems with any of the page’s colours?

* Question 13: Please rate your skill level when it comes to using a computer


* Question 14: Which Internet browser did you use to view the website?

* Question 15: What device did you use to access the website?

* Question 16a: Did you have any difficulty loading the website?

Question 16b: If you answered Yes to Question 16a, please detail any difficulties you had when loading the website.


* Question 17: Did you find the design of the website appealing?

* Question 18: Who do you feel the design would appeal to more i.e. male, female, children, adults etc.?

* Question 19: Which age group do you feel the website design to be aimed at?

* Question 20: Did you find any of the images or animations distracting?

* Question 21a: Did any part of the page or website feel out of place to you?

Question 21b: If you answered Yes to Question 21a, which one(s)?

* Question 22: How did the website feel to you? (check all that apply)

* Question 23: Please rate the overall design on a scale of 1-10 (where 1 is the lowest rating and 10 is the highest)


* Question 24a: Did you find the website difficult to use?

Question 24b: If you answered Yes to Question 24a, which parts did you have difficulty with?

* Question 25a: Were the navigation links at the top of each page helpful and descriptive?

Question 25b: If you answered No to Question 25a, how do you think they could be improved?

* Question 26a: Were the other links on the website helpful and descriptive?

Question 26b: If you answered No to Question 26a, how do you think they could be improved?

* Question 27a: Did all of the links that you clicked on function correctly (i.e. the link went to the correct page)?

Question 27b: If you answered No to Question 27a, please list which link(s) didn’t function correctly (page name and link name)

* Question 28: Did you feel the images and animations on the web site were appropriate and relevant to the site’s overall purpose?

* Question 29: Was the website’s information helpful and easy to find?

* Question 30: Did each page provide enough information to explain its purpose?


* Question 31: Please rate how you felt the tone of the site was for you (where 1 is 'informal' and 10 is 'very formal'):

* Question 32: What aspect(s) of the website did you like the most?

* Question 33: What aspect(s) of the website did you dislike?

* Question 34: Would you consider this website

* Question 35: Would you visit this website again?

* Question 36: Does this website interest you in buying the product on offer?

Question 37: Please provide any further feedback or comments you have that were not covered by this questionnaire. (optional)

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Your feedback will be invaluable in improving the Game Cave website.

If you are encountering difficulties with the online form, please email testing [at] aether [dot] industries and we will send an email questionnaire to you.