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Aether Industries (2015-2022)

Aether Industries began under a different name as part of the 2014 Certificate IV in Digital Media Technologies (Web Development) course at TAFE Nowra. As part of the course's Generate Design Solutions module, students were required to create a personal logo and fictional business name to use on letterheads, assessments and other project-related documents.

The name I had chosen was Alchemical Web Development, taking inspiration from the classical elements of earth, fire, water and wind and their references in various media and mythology (such as each combining with the others in different ways to create different forms of matter).

During the Diploma course, students also had to register a domain name and purchase website hosting to upload their final projects to at the end of the year. As the name 'Alchemical Web Development' seemed a bit too long, I opted for a new title (extending the initial alchemy idea to include the fifth element, aether), and created a new logo to better reflect the business name.

This page is intended to be an archive of the various iterations Aether Industries goes through whenever I update the site design or structure, and will hopefully provide an insight as to how it has progressed over time.

Version 1

This was created to be a placeholder not long after registering the website. It features very basic responsive design using modified versions of Adobe Dreamweaver CS6's inbuilt CSS and JavaScript templates.

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