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Beta Test - Submitted Form

This is an example of the email received when submitting the beta tester form located here.

The survey was completed on the 22nd of November, 2015 (at 4:04PM,
Australia/Sydney time):

The user submitted the following information:




User is [male / female / other]

User is [<24 / 25-39 / >40]

Does user have an impairment that requires a screen reader? [Yes / No]

Did user feel enough attention was given to accessibility? [Yes / No or N/A]

Is user colour-blind? [Yes / No]

Did user have problems with page colours? [Yes / No or N/A]

User rated their computer skills as: [None / Very Low / Moderate / High]




Browser used: [Chrome / Firefox / Internet Explorer / Opera / Safari / Other]

Other browser used (if applicable): [User-entered answer or N/A]

Device used: [PC / Smart Device / Other]

Other device used (if applicable): [User-entered answer or N/A]

Did user have difficulty loading website? [Yes / No]

Details of loading difficulties: [User-entered answer or N/A]




Did user find website appealing? [Yes / No]

Details of website target demographic: [User-entered answer or N/A]

Website age group? [Children (<12) / Teenagers (13-17) / Adults (>18)]

Distracting images/animations? [Yes / No]

Anything out of place? [Yes / No]

Details of 'out of place' elements: [User-entered answer or N/A]

Website felt: [Cluttered / Well-spaced out / Too spaced out / Too much text / Not enough text / Too many images / Not enough images / Boring / Lively / Clean / Haphazard / Planned out / Off-putting / Engaging / Too bright / Too dark / Easy to read / Difficult to read / Too many animations / Not enough animations]

Design rated as: [X out of 10]




Website difficult to use? [Yes / No]

Details of difficult parts: [User-entered answer or N/A]

Nav links helpful? [Yes / No]

How could nav links be improved? [User-entered answer or N/A]

Other links helpful? [Yes / No]

Details of link improvements: [User-entered answer or N/A]

Did all links work? [Yes / No]

Details of bad links: [User-entered answer or N/A]

Relevant images and animations? [Yes / No]

Helpful/easy-to-find info? [Yes / No]

Did pages have enough info? [Yes / No]




Tone rated as [from 1 (informal) to 10 (formal)]

Most-liked aspects? [User-entered answer]

Least-liked aspects? [User-entered answer]

Website consideration: [Well designed and easy to use / usable but could use improvement / unusable]

Would visit again? [Yes / No]

Does website interest user in products? [Yes / No]

Further feedback and comments: [User-entered answer]




Task 1 answer: [User-entered answer]

Was product difficult to locate? [Yes / No]

How was product found? [Top Nav Menu / Site Map / Search]

Could product location be easier? [Yes / No]

How could product location be improved? [User-entered answer or N/A]

Task 2 answer: [User-entered answer]

Was information difficult to locate? [Yes / No]

How was information found? [Top Nav Menu / Site Map / Search]

Task 3 completed? [Yes / No]

How was contact form located? [Product Enquiry Button / Manual Navigation / Search]

What product was enquired about? [User-entered answer or N/A]

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