Our Code of Ethics

The way we conduct business at The Game Cave has a significant impact on how we are viewed by customers and the community. We endeavour to act in a way that not only complies with Australian law and regulations, but also with a regard to truthfulness and transparency in our actions, without resorting to deceit or fraud, and with a minimal effect on the environment.

This Code of Ethics describes the values we strive to uphold in our daily business, and acts as a guide to how our staff should conduct themselves as representatives of The Game Cave.

One of the key values of The Game Cave is to observe the laws, standards and ethics pertaining to all of its operations. We expect all of our employees to always act in a manner that complies with the law and company policies.

Our Guidelines

Fair Treatment

  • Do not tolerate harassment, bullying or discrimination – The Game Cave supports acceptance of all people regardless of race, age, disability, gender, sexual orientation, religion, national origin or anything else
  • Respect all employees’ and customers’ dignity, rights, freedoms and individual needs


  • Respect the privacy and confidentiality of user information according to the company privacy policy and statutory laws governing data
  • Maintain the confidentiality of any information to which we may have access
  • Access private information on our clients only when necessary in the course of our duties


  • Conduct business fairly, truthfully and honestly at all times
  • Obtain best value for money from all trading arrangements without resorting to unethical practices
  • Never accept or demand any form of inducement or bribe in return for favourable business
  • Never place undue pressure upon our suppliers
  • Never become influenced by suppliers to fix prices
  • Ensure marketing, promotional information, product packaging and labelling is clear, truthful and carefully checked
  • Identify ourselves truthfully and transparently in all communications with our customers
  • Avoid any practice that may be seen as deceptive or unfair
  • Make clear to all suppliers that we expect them to compete honestly and fairly
  • Avoid conflicts of interest in our dealings; if they do arise we will declare them

Social Responsibility

  • Be respectful, friendly and approachable to customer enquiries and complaints
  • Refrain from posting inappropriate, false or malicious comments or materials online regarding customers or colleagues
  • Cause no harm to people, the environment and the community
  • Promptly and thoroughly address customers’ concerns regarding faulty, unfit or mislabelled products
  • Be helpful to customers and colleagues at all times
  • Continue to broaden our understanding of the social and legal issues that could arise in the course of business
  • Strive to ensure that our policies are consistent with our overarching ethical principles
  • Do what is right – even when an easier option is available to us
  • Do not betray the trust our customers have in us

Workplace Quality

  • Always comply with Australian laws and regulations, as well as The Game Cave company policies and procedures
  • Refrain from engaging in behaviour which breaches laws, regulation, policy or procedure, or allowing others to behave in such a manner
  • Ensure all products sold by The Game Cave meet with regulatory requirements, including safety warnings and labelling
  • Sell and promote products that are of high quality
  • Maintain high standards and fair practice in all business transactions
  • Strive to achieve and maintain a safe, healthy, productive workplace for all


  • Be responsive to and value all feedback from customers, whether it is positive or negative, and maintain procedures for the prompt handling of complaints
  • Recognise and appreciate the work of each of our employees
  • We will acknowledge the intrinsic dignity of all and encourage a diversity of people and ideas to enrich the organisation as a whole.